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ImmiBridge project

The labour market  in Bergamo’s province represents a strong pole of attraction for immigration phenomenon. The presence of a consistent number of  foreign citizens on territory involves the Province Institution in considering social dynamics, economical and working relationship close connected to  the immigration, to cut down the gap between “economical and social nationality”. As integration and right acquisition is based also on access possibilities and their effective utilization,  the main purpose is both social integration and acquisition of work competences, with reference to professional areas, legality and safety education.

One of the main attraction sector is building, which with mechanical industry, represents  the main employment field with 2700 companies,  7500 workers and a 30 % of  foreign presence.

One of education area needing attention is Legislative ord.. 626/1994 about safety.

It’s natural to presume that accidents at work are linked to a lack of knowledge about Italian language, safety systems and prevention in work places.

The problem is not only linguistic but also connected with membership culture: the first phenomenon is a direct consequence of the second; unfamiliarity with language leads ethnic groups to gather (to use the same linguistic register) and to use countrymen as mediators for any need.

Therefore  the tendency to retreat into a smaller group, the difficulty to interact with the work world and thus a less rapid process of integration and participation in national system.

Qualified activities of the project  are:  legality and safeness education,  Italian courses and professional courses for employed in the building sectors.

Particularly, 21 courses will be realized: 7 Italian language courses specific to the building  sector, 7 of culture and safety in workplaces and 7 for scaffolding construction that will have value in enabling the profession, as more recent normative references LR n.19/2007 and D.G.R. 13/02/2008 n.6563  "Regional indicators for educational and vocational instruction”.

The beneficiaries of the courses are 320 citizens of third countries both employed and unemployed, living in Italy with regular residence permit since no more than 5 years.

The activities purpose are: